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Laboratory Glassware & Reagent Chemical

All kinds of scientific Laboratory Glassware & Reagent Chemical Such as Glass Beaker, Conical Flask, Measuring Cylinder, Burette, Pediatrics, Reagent Bottle, Culture Bottle, Chemical Such as sodium Parborate, Carbonate, chloride, sulfate, Ethanol, Methanol etc..

Laboratory Testing Measuring Instruments, Meter, Tester

We Importer and supply a humongous range of precision measuring instruments to serve different industries with the measurements of different entities. Moreover, our range of instruments is widely appreciated by our clients for its apprehensive features and high tensile strength. Such as pH, mV, TEMP Meter, TDS Meter, Conductivity Meter, Dissolve Oxygen Meter, EC, ATC Meter, Digital Micro Auto Pipette, Soil pH Meter, Turbidity meter, Combination meter, Moisture Meter, Bomb Hydrometer, Hygrometer, thermometer, etc…

Electronic Digital Weighing Scale & Balance

All kinds of Electronic Digital Weighing Scale & Balance. Such as Micro Analytical balance, Precision Balance, Moisture Balance, Top Loading Balance, Hanging Scale, Kichen Scale, Baby Scale, Bathroom Scale, Pardon Scale, GSM Balance, Platform scale, Truck scale, Floor scale etc.…

Electrical Measurement Tools, Meter, Tester

All kinds of Field Analysis, Measurement  Equipment. Such as…..  Avo Meter, Multimeter, Clamp Meter, Insulation Tester, Battery Tester, Earth Tester, Watt meter, Line speed meter, Micro Meter, Thickness Gage, Multimeter, Temperature Meter, Thermometer, Noise Meter, Hardness Tester, thermal imager, Infrared camera etc..

Textile Testing Equipment & Consumable

All kinds of Textile Testing Consumable such as Multifyber, Rubbing Cloth, EC Detergent, Rubbing Fastness Tester, Shrinkage Template, Fabric Moisture Meter, Verivide Light Box & Light, Pantone Book TPX, TCX, Gray Scale Color Staining & Changing etc….

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